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Leverage Our Certified Systems & Applications DBAs

Our certified Israel-based DBAs are with you through each stage of your project — whether you’re in the early steps of your lifecycle, or you’re about to encounter a significant re-architecture — helping you make determinations that are vital to the future and support of your applications.

Our Customers Include; banking, telco, aerospace & defense, and automotive.

Simplify Your Business Operations with Senticore Managed Database Services

Overwhelmed by the variety of database and deployment options available to handle different workloads? Experience what it’s like to have database application and systems experts at your side. Whether you’ve encountered a new business challenge, are facing growing pains due to limitations of your current data solution, or need help getting started, our database experts are here to help.

We’ll match your business objectives to the best database solution by assessing your business requirements, architecting your database solution and hosting it on a platform optimized for performance and scalability

Technology and Applications We Work With

Learn how Senticore supports and manages database systems and applications technologies.

Application Database Engineering Services

We Have Highly Specialized Teams of Israeli Application DBAs With Over 20+ Years of Experience Each in;

  • Technology research
  • Data Modeling
  • Database related coding
  • Logs monitoring, code performance and stability bottlenecks. 
  • Helping developers write and optimize SQL

Systems Database Engineering Services

We Have Highly Specialized Teams of Israeli Systems DBAs With Over 20+ Years of Experience Each in;

  • ๏ Databases’backup and recovery
    ๏ Installations and patching, database creation
    Databasesdaily checks and routine monitoring
    Data synchronization and replication technologies
    Regularsystem maintenance of database
    ๏ Creation & maintenance of schema objects
    ๏ Architectural changes & scaling of database at alllevels
    System-leveldata loading, i.e. full database imports etc.
    ๏ Writing maintenance scripts for varioussystem DBA tasks.
    Performance tuning
  • “Alex understands databases very well in general, and has a wide network of connections to various technology experts, particularly in Israel. He has a very good working relationship with IBM and would recommend him.”
    Dr. Andreas Zekl
    IBM Germany
  • “We collaborated with Alex for many years, including participating in projects involving IBM research and development and consulting for strategic customers. Alex is a database expert himself, and he knows a lot of people-both inside IBM expert community and beyond it, especially for databases and enterprise applications. We also know that Alex and his team are actively and successfully working with Big Data, sensors and artificial intelligence technologies.”
    Jaffa Sztejnbok
    IBM Israel
  • “Alex has been supporting Husqvarna for more than 10 years. He has been assisting Husqvarna in designing and implementing Multi-site systems and workflow for PDM-solutions. His focus is on a distributed environment, performance and general database issues. Also, Alex has a broad network and has been capable of bringing external experts from his connections, especially with regard to Oracle topics. We would be happy to recommend Alex to any company involved into design and manufacturing.”
    Niclas Bodin

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